Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Stock Up on Silk Ties!

This weekend we made a few trips to Good Will for some frames for our vision boards and some other items for upcoming projects. We brainstormed and had a nice quiet session to write down ideas for our vision board, but the gathering of visions (photos) is taking a while so we are going to finish this weekend.
We purchased fancy 100% silk ties. And no, David didn't decide to start wearing ties on a regular basis (or at all). These are for an upcoming project that we did last year, but never posted a step by step tutorial for you.
Here is another small hint. It has to do with an upcoming holiday that last year was way earlier than it is this year. Stay tuned in a few weeks! If I were you I'd stock up on 100% silk ties, make sure to ask your husband if you can destroy use them first. Pin It


Mrs. Werginz said...

Can't wait! I have ties of my hubby's he no longer wears!

NoPermanentAddy said...

Oh I've been looking for a tutorial on this!! Great!!

Mock family said...


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