Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Texas Tour of Homes

Last weekend while my mom was visiting my sister in Texas they went to a tour of homes in Abilene. If you're not familiar, you get to go in new houses and usually they are decorated so you can get ideas. They'd love if you purchased these homes, but they are usually 350k and up. In Rochester, NY where I am from they have a GREAT one every summer and I really haven't found anything like it here. David and I went to one last year in one of the cute downtown areas in Atlanta, but there wasn't that many homes to tour.  I am keeping my eye out this year since we really do need ideas. I told Michelle to take a ton of pictures and to be my tour guide at her home show.
 Here is our tour guide Michelle, who can usually be found touring closets as you can see above. She had a mission of bathrooms and kitchens, since that is the area I need to focus on. You'll see mom a bit later in the tour.
 I love the look of the counter tops here. I like how the pattern isn't so crazy and that back splash is very nice.
 This shower has a lot of the features we are looking to do. I like the smaller tile on the floor, the bigger tile on the wall, the seat area and the decorative strip in the middle. I know its pretty standard, but its good to see put together.
 This is similar to how our bathroom will look with the half glass wall and the tub.
 I love this kitchen! It has beautiful cabinetry and great kitchen islands/counters.
 Look how cool the driveway is. It has the famous Texas stars, can you see it?
 In this bathroom I really love the granite and the cabinets. I love the stain they used to make it look distressed. I wish I could do that!
 This is an interesting bathroom. Take a look at the window areas behind the tub.
 There is a walk through type shower in there!
 I like how they made the shape of the shower different and not so square. This is also very similar to what we want to do with our bathroom.
 This is our favorite kitchen. The island is curved! Its like a cooking show! People could sit and hang while I cooked. This is awesome!
 I really LOVE the tub in this bathroom. The small tiles and the shape of it really makes it stand out. Oh, and look, there's mom!
 I like the built in shelves in this shower with all the diff. shower heads (and the ceiling one).
 Michelle snuck another closet picture in. I love my big closet, but just look at all the built-ins! This is impressive.
Last, but not least check out this sink! My sister actually has those exact faucet and handles.This makes it look so fancy! Thanks to Michelle and Mom for taking such detailed photos, I felt like I was on the tour.  As for our home renovations, we decided to put that on hold until June. We have just about saved up our 3-6 month emergency fund, but we'd like to save up money for a vacation. Since you have to book things well in advance we thought we should get that money first before we started renovating. More on possible trips later. Pin It


the girl in the red shoes said...

I love home tours! You get such great ideas from them. Love all of the bathrooms and kitchens! And I would die for that walk in closet!

leah said...

wow these are gorgeous!! I love the round kitchen island one too, that would be perfect for you!!

So excited to start seeing your renovations!

Mock family said...

LOVED LOOKING AT THESE PICS AGAIN! I love me some home tours!

asj said...

ahh! what a beautiful house - I would kill for a closet like that with built-ins!!

Linda said...

I love going on the home tours! We have them in our area every October. These pictures are so all the warm color combinations, granite, tilework, cabinetry and angles! It does make you feel like you're there!

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