Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 3 in Texas

It was so warm in Texas when I went that we had to take advantage of it. We took Maddie to the new dog park in town and she had so much fun running around.
It was so windy that day that we were blowing over almost. It was 35mph winds!
Maddie was a little unsure about this dog. He/she was crazy and running all over the place.
Me and my little niece.
For dinner we decided since the restaurant we went to was closed on Sundays that we would have frozen yogurt for dinner.
Michelle had never been to a place like this and one just opened up in her town. We loaded up on all toppings and flavors!
We enjoyed hanging out together enjoying her screened in patio with the breeze blowing. I forgot to take pics of her awesome hot tub that we enjoyed as well.
Michelle also had me Wii Dancing and Wii Zumba-ing.
As you can see, I wasn't very good. It was still really fun though.
Michelles brand new awesome bed that she just got also doubles as a nice clothes hanging rack. This is where we had a fashion show of everything we bought. She took advantage of sister time to stock up on spring clothes.
How cute is everything!
We watched the academy awards and had our own pre-party red carpet with her new clothes. All clothes and accessories came from Old Navy, Target and Kohls.
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the girl in the red shoes said...

Such a fun trip! I love that you had frozen yogurt for dinner!

leah said...

haha the bed doubling as a closet cracked me up. What a fun GIRLY trip... eating frozen yogurt for dinner, dancing and shopping-- so fun!

Mock family said...

it was really the BESTEST SISTER weekend EVER, let's do it again!

Chris said...

Maddie's tongue cracks me up EVERY time...that thing is InSaNe!

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