Monday, March 28, 2011

Noche or Nachos?

We had a fun saturday this weekend. After grocery shopping and cleaning up the house we headed to Leah and Kyles to visit with baby Emery. I got to hold her while she was sleeping for 2 hours! Of course they inform me that this isn't normal, but I'd like to think that she's always that good. She was making cute little noises and stretching while sleeping.
It was great catching up with Leah, I miss seeing her every day at work. She looks great and said that she is feeling really good.  Kyle and David were talking computers and gadgets most the time, so they were in their element.
 Aren't they adorable? It's fun to hear about their new adventures in parenthood, I wish we lived closer.
Here are David and I before we headed out to dinner. I wanted to take Emery with us, but didn't think that wasn't going to fly.
Around Leah and Kyle's house we saw a carriage and horses. I thought it was prommers, but it turned out to be Cinderella and some other princesses. Not sure what that was about, but cool to see.
 I decided to start Davids birthday celebrations a little early by taking him out to dinner at this cool tapas bar in the VA highlands. He turns the big 30 this year and he deserves a long celebration. I had bought a groupon a while ago and haven't used it so I thought this was the perfect timing. David loves everything about downtown Atlanta, the buildings, the people, the restaurants. He would live there in an instant. I wouldn't be opposed to it, but am not a fan of never finding parking and always paying for it, narrow streets, bums everywhere, housing prices being ridiculous, etc. Anyways, we went to Noche and all David kept saying was, "we're going to nachos?!" He didn't take spanish in HS so he was lost, but was just saying it to be funny the rest of the night.
You walk in literally at the bar and have to squeeze by to find the hostess stand. We got there around 7:30 so it was pretty crowded already. I'm glad we made reservations, we got sat at a cute 2 person table. I love tapas restaurants because you can order a bunch of things to share and this was no different. Their prices per tapas were around $4-$9 each.
 Lacey told me to get the patatas as she called them, which we found out are southern fried potatoes. They were AWESOME. I started eating before I took the pic so that's why the plate looks a mess.
 David got to try lobster cakes, pulled pork taco and calamari. David eats too fast for me to take any food pics of his stuff. That's why I caught him mid eating.
I got the most amazing taco I've ever had. It was a grilled chicken fajita taco with peppers, onions and a heaping pile of guacamole. I know its just a taco, but it was incredible. I also tried the empanada.
 I also had the yummy house margarita. I know I look extra happy, I swear it wasn't the margarita, I'm just a happy person.  It was a bummer it was so rainy and cold this weekend or we could have walked around the highlands, its a really interesting area with shopping, parks and restaurants.
One other cool thing about Noche was our server! This is Bethany, Davids family and her family grew up together and went to the same church. His parents and her parents still remain great friends. I got to meet Rita (her mom) at my bridal shower and just LOVE her. Bethany comes from a big family as well so she was telling us what every one was up to. It was nice meeting her and catching up. Small world. Pin It


Jen S said...

You look good with a baby!

Mock family said...

looks soooooo fun!!! have you and david been practicing taking photos of him.... He has his eyes open in both of them!! great job david!

Ginny said...

Glad Jen S said how cute you look with Emery - I wouldn't dare!

leah said...

I think you look GREAT with a baby :) Thank you so much for coming over to visit us AND bringing us some yummy food! How funny that you saw cinderella on the square... RANDOM

p.s. thanks again David for hooking Kyle up with movies and music... he's stoked!

Lacey said...

So glad you got to see Emery and visit with Leah & Kyle! Looks like you guys had fun!! And the food from Noche looked delicious! What a fun day!

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